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We will go above and beyond to ensure you are receiving the fastest possible connection available to you. We've never been unable to provide our customers a faster internet connection and pride ourselves on that fact.

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  • 830 - 1730
  • 830 - 1730

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Celyse Drury

Managing Director

Celyse has a wealth of experience within the Telecommunication, Communication and Sales & Marketing industries. Her business acumen from these experiences allow her to develop long term communication and technology strategies that are based around profit and productivity.

"Differentiating your own business from you competition is the first step to truly becoming the market leader for any organisation"

Jayson Croom


Jayson has worked in the Telecommunication and Information Technology industry for over 15 years. Having experience in all levels of business; he has an analytical approach to identifying solutions to increase revenue utilising technology. His goal is to leave no rock unturned in discovery of the right solution for our customers.

"There's no alternative to great technology and exceptional service. Accept it, honour it, and value it"