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The Problem

Australia’s ranks among the lowest average internet speeds in the world. This leaves businesses stuck with an internet connection that is not sufficient enough to perform day-to-day operations.

The Solution

Our range of bonded internet solutions allows customers all over Australia to increase their internet speeds, making it easier to do business and perform daily tasks. Our team of experienced technicians are always available to assist with any problems.

Here are just a few of the most common solutions we offer customers to eliminate problems with technology in their business.

Bonded Internet

By combining multiple internet connections to form a bonded internet connection, we can offer fast internet that is at least twice as fast as your current internet connection.

  • For every connection, your internet becomes faster. If you have a 20mb/s ADSL2+ connection, we can double it to 40mb/s, or triple the speed with a third connection.
  • More connections means increased redundancy. If one connections drops out, the rest will keep you online.
  • Bandwith control allows you to prioritise certain tasks or users, ensuring they are always receiving the fastest possible speeds.

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Wireless Links

If internet is unavailable in your area, or current connections are extremely slow then wireless links can be a solution. After a thorough survey of the area, if suitable to the location we can provide a wireless link that transmits internet directly to your office.

  • Achieve much higher speeds in areas where internet coverage is miserable.
  • Provide a network and internet connection over distances of over 20km.
  • Link multiple sites to create a private network for super fast file transfers.

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4G Solutions

If all else has failed and your business cannot get an internet connection, there is still hope. We can offer a 4G internet solution that offers high speeds across the mobile network.

We will install hardware that increases 4G reception, providing a reliable connection to the mobile network.

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Cloud Solutions

Many business applications are now offering cloud based solutions. This allows businesses to access their work wherever they want as long as they have an internet connection. However, moving to the cloud requires a fast and reliable internet connection.

Our internet solutions offer your business the speed and reliability required to migrate to the cloud and start using a wide range of business software suites.

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You have identified a need or a problem within your business, so how do you fix it?

Every business is unique, none of our solutions are the same and require a personalised approach.

We meet with you to identify your business needs. By discussing how you use technology in your business and performing an investigation in to the types of solutions that will benefit your busines, we can tailor the perfect solution. Once a solution has been identified we can establish a process for implementation.

Implementation of your solution. As soon as a solution has been picked our technicians will get to work on rolling out the required hardware to do the job. Our team will have your business up and running as soon as possible as we understand that when there’s a problem you want it fixed immediately. We always deliver a result, and we deliver it fast.

Client results shown or stated are not a guarantee. Every situation is different so results may vary.

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